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Adapters for FDC-multi

With these adapter rings for FDC multi, it is possible to measure the flange distance of cameras with Canon EF-mount, Canon RF-Mount, Sony E-Mount, MFT- or  Nikon F-Mount mount with the same accuracy, well-known from the FDC. So it is possible to  use the FDC multi even more effective, because you can control the focal flange distance of more camera types.

Adapterring for Canon RF is available!

With the high-precision adapter rings, you can measure the flange distance as easy as usual: First, set the corresponding ring onto the FDC multi. Then set the FDC multi with the the adapter ring onto the camera. Now you can perform your measurements with the FDC.

The individual components of the adapter rings are manufactured and assembled in Germany under permanent quality control, with the most advanced CNC machining-centres. Materials have been chosen to meet highest demands on temperature reaction and durability.

Please note that when using the Adapter the indicated
value of 52,00 corresponds to a flange focal
distance of
44,00 mm with EF-Mount Adapter
19,25  mm with MFT-Mount Adapter
18,00 mm with E-Mount Adapter
46,50 mm with F-Mount Adapter
20,00 mm with RF-Mount Adapter



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Menge Art.-Nr. Bezeichnung Preis
190.0029 Adapterring FDC-Multi für Canon EF-Mount 1450,00 €
302.0134 Adapter FDC-Multi für MFT-Mount 1450,00 €
302.0150 Adapter FDC-Multi für Sony E-Mount 1450,00 €
302.0151 Adapter FDC-Multi für Nikon F-Mount 1950,00 €
302.0220 Adapter FDC-Multi für Canon RF-Mount 1450,00 €


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