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Universal Angle Bridge Plate, PAN/TILT-plate

The DENZ Universal Angle Bridge Plate overcomes the limitations set by the cameraman’s tripod head.

Due to tripod design the camera can only nod in a limited range. A straight down view is usually not possible.

By toggling the Universal Angle Bridge Plate, the output angle can be varied and permits the view straight up or down.

The Universal Bridge Plate mpresses with its low weight, since ultra-light materials are used and the individual parts are hollow milled.

The top of the plate corresponds to the dovetail profile of common lens support plates. In addition, the Universal Bridge Plate is provided with a safety device that can be operated from the side.

angle range: 0° – 58°
total length:   307 mm
total width:      98 mm
total height:     55 mm
mounting holes and thread holes: 3x 3/8″
stable tilt-plate with “ARRI”-Dovetail top and OConnor dovetail base
angle scale/safety stops: automatically stops if released at 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°, 35°, 40°, 45°

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