Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ

Complete Kit for Sony F5/F55

The DENZ RIG for Sony F5/F55 consists of the following three components:

Top handle with holder
• the holders orientation can be chosen in steps of 90°,
a rod clamp oriented 90° relative to the handle is integrated
• 3/8’’ (12x) and 1/4’’ (11x) threads provide lots of opportunity to mount accessories,
handle bar can connect to holder at various point

Top Plate 

• Provides 3/8’’ (10x) and 1/4’’ (31x) threads on top of the camera
• Grooves for rod clamps (at a distance 60mm)
• Works well with original Sony handle
• Makes using the camera in low mode possible

Support for Sony F5/F55

• Repostionable along a dovetail guide rail
• Position of the camera’s body can be chosen according to the centre of gravity (even behind the
• No counterweight needed
• Underside is compatible to the DENZ BP Multi, DENZ Wedge Plate, ARRI BP3, BP5, BP8, BP9, Sony wedge
and many others
• Integrated 120mm camera plate can be used with Sachtler tripod heads (Video 25 Plus FB, Video 60 Plus EFP und Cine 75 HD)
• Save fastening of the camera in one of two positions be means of 2x 3/8” screws and s centering pin
• Quick-lock for fast mounting of the DENZ shoulder mount „Pivot“


• For connecting the Sony EVF
• Ø15mm bolt to be inserted into the DENZ top-handle bar

Bridge for Ø15mm rods

• With Hirth rosettes
• For DENZ Universal Handle-System
• For acceptance of Ø15mm rods

 Shoulder mount „Pivot“

• DENZ spezial joint enables free orientation in 3D
• Pitch, roll, yaw and move the shoulder pad along the optical axis
• Freezes possition with one clamping lever only

Rod clamp

•  accepts  Ø15mm rods

Plug Protection

  • To prevent damage plugs or loosening the cables from the Sony F5/F55 camera.
  • Available in three variants.

Changes due to technical progress!

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quantity art.-nr. name unit price
301.0527 Top-Handle for Sony F5/F55 € 248.00
€ 128.00
301.0529 Top Plate € 210.00
301.0530 Support for Sony F5/F55 € 580.00
301.0531 Shoulder-Mount "Pivot" € 545.00
301.0535 Bridge with Ø15mm rods with Hirth-Rosettes € 185.00
301.0384 Rod Clamp Ø15mm € 49.50

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