Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ

Set of Shims

for adjusting the flange depth of DENZ PL54 Mount

In the case that the flange focal depth of your camera is incorrect (measured with the DENZ FDC / FDC multi) you can correct it easily by adding or removing a combination of shims under the camera mount. Thanks to the precise instructions, a painful trial and error process is now history.

A set of shims consists of 10 pieces, which enable correcting almost every incorrect flange depth in the following thickness: 0,012 mm, 0,019 mm, 0,025 mm, 0,030 mm, 0,038 mm, 0,050 mm, 0,075 mm, 0,100 mm, 0,150 mm and 0,250 mm.

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