Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ

PLC – Portable Lens Checker – Mark II with PL- and LPL-Mount

Projector for full frame lenses

The DENZ PLC is a LED projector for checking the resolution and the focal length of lenses right up to the full format.

A precisely positioned new test slide can be used to check the focal length of the lens. For this, the position is read directly from the dial to <0.01mm.

Likewise, sharpeness of the center / edge, image distortion, homogeneity, lens marking of the distance and “pumping” can be tested in analogy to a commercially available stand projector.
The DENZ chart offers classical linepairs (from 12-200lp / mm) and Siemens star, where the image resolution is directly readable – even anamorphic 2: 1!The DENZ chart incorporates all modern sensor sizes: 1 “, MFT, APS-C, Super35, RED Helium, full format. Despite all compactness, great importance is placed on user-friendliness and usability.

For dark test rooms, there is a working light (gooseneck lamp with 20cm/7,87”) included and the leveling lantern is illuminated. Additional equipment can be attached to the flash shoe, while the standard 24V power supply reliably hangs on the tripod. The DENZ PLC can be screwed to three ¼ “ threads on the bottom, providing the necessary stability for heavy lenses. As an optional accessory, DENZ offers the support system DAVID. A solid carrying handle completes a comfortable handling.



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quantity art.-nr. name price
302.0167 PLC PL – Portable Lens Checker for PL-lenses – Mark II € 6150.00
302.0194 PLC LPL – Portable Lens Checker for LPL-lenses – Mark II € 6150.00
302.0168 PLC E – Portable Lens Checker for Sony E-lenses – Mark II € 6150.00
302.0171 PLC/MFC – Calibrating Set € 1235.00
301.0460 Universal-Support "David" € 360.00
302.0169 PLC – Handle € 268.00
301.0381 Tandem Bracket for Ø15mm to Ø19mm Bars € 140.00
-- CFK Rods Deluxe – Ø19mm tba
-- CFK Rods – Ø15mm Standard tba
-- Aluminium Rods – Ø15mm tba

product characteristics 

Scope of Delivery:
- PLC Projector
- Protection Cap
- Power Supply (100-240VAC, 50-60Hz) with tripod bracket
- LED-light with gooseneck


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