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The DENZ MFC 65 projector is a high-end product for all cine and photo lenses having image circles of up to Ø60mm.  It is made for industrial and rental applications and is ready for use 24/7 immediately after start-up

Lens Mount System

The MFC 65 offers the Denz Basic Mount having an extremely short flange focal depth of 10mm, which allows adaptation of all common mounts in cinema and photo.  The current offering of lens mount adapters is among the most diverse in the industry and includes standard PL, Arri LPL, Arri XPL-60, Sony-E, Canon EF and Panavision.  A special Arri LPL adapter allows for rotation of the lens for especially critical aberration analysis, and datamount versions are also in development.

Simulation of glass filters behind the lens as is common with digital cameras is accomplished via use of the modular Denz optical flats.  The MFC 65 chart stage has a generous travel range and can thus compensate for the increase in physical flange depth internally.
The short flange focal depth combined with its 87mm diameter and a positive lock make the Denz Basic Mount also especially well-suited for coming lens mounts in the worlds of medium and large format.


The intermediate mount and test chart have been designed to be interchangeable and adaptable to future developments in medium format cine technology.
The proprietary DENZ Anti-Sag support system maintains parallelism even when the heaviest lenses are mounted.

Test Chart / Reticle

The DENZ Chart 65 is swappable by the user and comes in a high-precision stainless steel mount. It is securely fastened to the projector chart stage with screws in order to avoid parallelism deviation and minimize sensitivity to contamination.
The chart is driven by an integrated motor and can be positioned with accuracy of 2µm. The position is read directly off the linear guide by an optical sensor, yielding substantially more accurate results than a traditional mechanical linkage.
Each MFC 65 is inspected with an advanced 3-D measuring machine to ensure that the chart stage is parallel to the basic mount.
The DENZ Chart 65 features all modern sensor formats and allows the inspection of local resolution of spherical and anamorphic lenses.
Frame markings: Alexa 65, Medium Format, PV VistaVision/DXL, Leica S, Full Frame 35, Red Helium, Arri Open Gate, Super-35, APS-C, MFT and 1”

Line Pair Blocks: 12-200 lp/mm

Full image circles for Medium Format and Full Frame 35, partial image circles for diverse other Formats

Light Source

A high-power COB-LED generates a homogeneous field of up to 20000 lumens at 6500°K. With this output, even the largest image circles can be inspected at all customary viewing distances. The intensity of the light source can be dimmed continuously.

Remote Operation

All settings of the MFC 65 projector are completely remote-controllable to allow for true one-man operation. All controls on the MFC 65 integrated touch screen are reproduced on the remote WiFi tablet.
For 100% certainty of lens scale read, the MFC 65 witness-mark camera can be used. The image from the witness-mark camera can be seen on the WiFi tablet in real time
The MFC 65 system has capability to drive two lens motors, also either via the integrated touch screen or the WiFi tablet.
All these features together mean that one operator can stand directly at the projection surface and inspect the projected image carefully, while controlling all lens settings and having full view of where the lens rings really are.

Setup Aids

All instruments needed for setup are integrated into the projector, including a parallel-positioning laser for use with a mirror, an electronic bubble level, and a distance finder.

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quantity art.-nr. name price
302.0174 MFC 65 tba
302.0175 Remote WiFi incl. Tablett 7″ – video stream – ready tba
302.0182 AndoidApp to remote control flange focal length tba
302.0184 Anti-Sag Support 19mm MFC 65 Heavy Lens tba
301.0008 Lens Support Bridge for Ø19mm rods (with clip-mechanism at the side) € 420.00
302.0177 Gooseneck Webcam incl. cable (Lemo) tba
302.0178 lens control motor – self calibrating, m0.8, for 15/19 rods tba
302.0198 cable for lens control (lemo/lemo) tba
302.0179 DENZ Chart 65 in precision mount tba
302.0180 Reticle DENZ Chart 65 in precision mount tba
302.0181 DENZ mounting tool for MFC65 chart tba
302.0199 Adapter PL tba
302.0202 Adapter XPL-60 tba
302.0200 Adapter Sony-E tba
302.0201 Adapter Canon EF tba
302.0203 Adapter LPL Standard tba
302.0204 Adapter LPL Rotating tba
302.0189 Adapter LPL LDS tba
302.0190 Adapter PL LDS tba
302.0196 intermediate adapter from DENZ Basic Mount to ARRI Amira and Alexa Mini tba
302.0197 intermediate adapter from DENZ Basic Mount to RED DSMC tba
302.0192 Optical Flat Ø45 x 3 tba
302.0191 Optical Flat Ø72 x 3 tba

product characteristics 

Technical data

Light source: max 20000 Lumen COB LED, dimmable continuously, 6500°K (other color temperatures available on request)
Test chart precision: positioning resolution ≤ 2µm
Chart adjustment range (back focus): -1,5mm to +3,5mm (i.e.: compensation for optical flat still leaves ample adjustment range)

Denz Basic Mount DB-Mount:
Flange Focal Length: 10mm
Mating Diameter: Ø87mm
Adapters: PL, LPL Standard, LPL Rotating, XPL-60, Sony-E, Canon-EF, Panavision, and others: on request

Accessory and Lens Support: 15mm LWS, 19mm Studio and DENZ 19mm Anti-Sag System for heavy lenses

Distance Meter: up to 30m, accuracy 2cm, 905nm, <1mW

Laser pointer: Green 532nm, < 1mW

Ports and connectors:
2x Lemo for lens-control Motor
1x Lemo for witness mark camera
1x 2V XLR for worklight
1x J45-Ethernet
IEC-C14 for power

Power: 110-240V / 50 or 60 Hz

Wireless WiFi for remote tablet

Dimensions (LWH): 350mm x 270mm x 310mm / 13.7” x 10.6” x 12.2”

Weight: 20kg / 44 lbs

All specifications are subject to change without notice


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