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King Peter

Computer aided optical measuring system

KING PETER is a computer aided optical measurement system for control surveys of professional video cameras. For sharpest images with the actual high-end cameras and objectives, even more with future >4k models, new measurement equipment is needed. In this respect KING PETER is an extension of successful FDC, our optical measurement device for flange depth.

KING PETER provides exact measurements of the image sensor’s position in digital cameras—including the exact center, rotation around the optical axis, and any deviation of the chip relative to a perpendicular image plane. KING PETER can measure the location of the actual pixels to make the result significant.

For measutring of nearly every type of cameras you can fit high presicsion measuring adapter made of stainless steel. With KING PETER and the appropriate flange you can measure cameras with flanges below:

Canon EF
Sony E
Nikon F

All adapters come with two protection caps.

The theory behind the design of KING PETER is based on a high-precision laser (<1mW) and an intelligent algorithm that determines the pixel position automatically by comparing the laser’s reflection with the sensor’s actual image via SDI output. The measuring head integrates both the laser and a measuring camera. The algorithm is sophisticated enough to ignore interference from filters, cover glass and dust particles.

Quality made by Denz: All parts are manufactured and finished in DENZ’s modern CNC
machining facility in Munich. The lens mount is polished stainless steel, the cover is ergonomic, and the high quality optics are coated for long life. Our claim for accuracy is the same as for all our products – four decades of experience enable us to produce products which satisfy all standards of professional video technology. Each device is assembled by our own skilled technicians and tested for long life and repeatable precision.

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quantity art.-nr. name price
302.0144 King Peter: Control-Unit with Touchscreen tba
302.0145 King Peter: Sensor Positioning Gauge tba
302.0145-PL PL-Adapter for King Peter tba
302.0145-PV Panavision-Adapter for King Peter tba
302.0145-EF EF-Adapter for King Peter tba
302.0145-MFT MFT-Adapter for King Peter tba
302.0145-E E-Adapter for King Peter tba
302.0145-F F-Adapter for King Peter tba

product characteristics 

Delivery Scope Control Unit
Control Unit
BNC cable, 75Ω
Power cable
Windows 8.1 embedded licence

Delivery Scope Sensor Positioning Gauge
Sensor Positioning Gauge
protection cap

technical data 

Mounts PL, PV, EF, MFT, F, E
Resolution lateral Offset of sensor 2 Pixel (at 1920x1080 SDI Ausgang)
Resolution Tilt ϴx, ϴy (Sensor plane) 1.5‘
Resolution Rotation ϴz (Pixel row) 0.05°
Measuring time <30sec
Wavelength Laser 635nm, Diode
Laserpower <1mW, class 2
Power supply 110-230V; 50-60 Hz
Fuse Microfuse 5 x 20 mm, time-lag, 2 A
Temperature Room Temperatur, 20-25°C
Weight Gauge 0.84 kg
Size Gauge BxHxT /cm 9 x 7 x 11.5
Weight Control Unit 4,7 kg
Size Control Unit BxHxT /cm 39 x 15 x 21.5


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