Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ

FDC-Multi S – Flange Depth Controller Multi – NIR

FDC Multi S is a further development of FDC, covering an additional spectral range in the near infra-red. Per default a light-source with 1050nm is built-in, but customizable on request.
In fact Near-Infrared light cannot be seen by the human eye, but most camerasensors are still sensible in this region, and are therefore blocked by IR –cutoff filters. Without these filters it is possible to generate completely new color impressions.


Sensors built for long wave spectral ranges behave differently (e.g. InGaAs Sensors).
These sensors image a longer spectral range and display the results mostly in false-colors.
They are used in science and for inspection of solarcells, wafers, communication-electronics and the like.

FDC multi S is meant to measure the Flange Focal Depth of infrared-sensitive cameras.
Application is exactly as with the FDC multi – including the possibility to adapt to other mounts like EF, E, F, MFT.

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