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FDC Multi – Flange Depth Controller Multi

With FDC multi you can easily verify the flange focal distance of cameras fitted with

PL-Mount (denomination 52,00 mm),

EF-Mount (denomination 44,00 mm, adapter necessary)

RF-Mount (denomination 20mm, adapter neccassary)

MFT-Mount (denomination 19,25mm, adapter necessary)

E-Mount (denomination 18,00 mm, adapter necessary)

F-Mount (denomination 46,5mm, adapter necessary).

Checking the flange focal distance with FDC Multi provides an exact indication of the amount and direction (+ and -) of the deviation between the actual flange focal distance and the ideal flange focal distance.
This allows you to determine the combination of necessary adjustment foils (shims) to correct the flange focal distance. The formerly slow and tedious approach to the flange focal distance is no longer necessary.
As one of the most popular DENZ products worldwide the FDC-multi is a must have for everybody, who prefers working with exactly adjusted cameras. International leading camera manufactures are using this measurement tool to calibrate their cameras before delivery.

For stationary use, e.g. in a studio, the FDC multi can be powered by a mains adapter (AC/DC:in: 100-240V; 50-80 Hz; 300 mA  // out: 5V; 1.5 A) Another possibility is, using the unit with a DC 3V battery which makes the FDC-multi very attractive for an easy handling on set, bringing laboratory accuracy to the field. To save battery power, the FDC-multi has included an automatic power off function.

When the FDC multi is mounted on your camera you can start the measuring procedure.The flange depth of PL mounts can be measured directly. On top of that shorter flange focal distances, like EF-, MFT-, E- und F-Mount-cameras, can be measured with the same accuracy as well by adding the respective adapter. The FDC multi provides a highly accurate connection which does not alter the measurement accuracy. Using the FDC multi with a variety of mounts becomes way more cost effective.

Evaluating the flange focal depth is based on projecting a red bar and a pair of  green bars from different optical axis onto the chip. In the right distance from the projective system the red bar comes to lie right between the green bars forming a symmetrical image that can be easily recognized looking at a monitor that is connected to the video output of the camera.

In case the flange focal depth of the camera suspect to measurement is perfect (namely 52.00mm in case of a PL mount camera) the FDC multi’s scale ring attached to the hand wheel will show that “0” correction is necessary and the combined image actually is symmetrical.

In case that the flange focal depth is not right, the hand wheel of the FDC multi has to be turned, changing the position of the projective system along the optical axis until the combined image is symmetrical again. Now one can read the amount of correction, that has to be applied to the cameras mount, from the scale ring. The adjustment of the flange focal depth itself involves putting or removing a combination of shims under the camera mount. Thanks to the exact instruction painful trial and error procedures are history.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use the FDC adapter rings as PL lens adapters on the respective cameras!

To see how it works, just watch the video in the gallery!

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190.0028 FDC Multi – Flange Depth Controller Multi € 4700.00

technical data 

Details  - Precise  measuring instrument for direct measurement of PL-mount cameras and Canon EF / EFS cameras via  an adapter
Current - DC 3V Battery for autonomous use on the set  Set or with plugin - Input: 100-240V; 50-80 Hz; 300 mA - Output: 5V; 1,5 A
Weight  - 740g

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