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FDC classic – Flange Depth Controller for PL-Mount

  • FDC classic für PL-Mount

The DENZ FDC classic tests the flange back of digital video cameras with PL-Mount . An absolute must for all those who work with precisely adjusted cameras.

The application is very simple and asks the user only for the ability to move a line by means of a hand wheel so that it comes to lie exactly in the middle between two beams. With the DENZ FDC classic, controlling micrometers is that simple.

The DENZ FDC classic is delivered in a well-padded carrying case, together with documentation, battery, cap and international power supply.

In case there is need for checking the Canon EF-Mount’s flange depth please take a look at the FDC multi. For users of the Panavision-mount a FDC targeted at that mount is available.

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quantity art.-nr. name unit price
190.0007 FDC classic – Flange Depth Controller for PL-Mount € 3800.00

technical data 

Details - Precise flange measurement to use with all digital video cameras fitted with Ø 54 mm PL mount, such as RED One, Sony F35, ARRI D-20/21, Phantom HD, 100 % precision- accuracy of 1 Micron
Power supply - DC 3V battery (Auto-off) for easy use on set or mains adapter AC/DC - In: 100-240V; 50-80 Hz; 300 mA - Out: 5V; 1,5 A
Operating time  - 1400 measurements (with one battery)
Weight - 620 g


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