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FDC PV – Flange Depth Controller for Panavision Mount

  • FDC für Panavision Mount von Denz

The DENZ FDC (flange depth controller) measures the flange focal distance of digital video cameras with Ø 54 mm PL mount, e.g. RED One, Sony F35, ARRI D-20/21, Phantom HD, Weisscam HS-2. The FDC is a must have for everybody, who prefers working with exactly adjusted cameras.

Evaluating the flange focal depth is based on projecting a red bar and a pair of two green bars from different optical axis onto the chip. In the right distance from the projective system the red bar comes to lie right between the green bars forming a symmetrical image that can be easily recognized looking at a monitor that is connected to the video output of the camera.

In case the flange focal depth of the camera suspect to measurement is perfect(namely 52.00mm in case of a PL mount camera) the FDC-multi’s scale ring attached to the hand wheel will show that “0” correction is necessary and the combined image actually is symmetrical.

In case that the flange focal depth is not right, the hand wheel of the FDC-multi has to be turned, changing the position of the projective system along the optical axis until the combined image is symmetrical again. Now one can read the amount of correction, that has to be applied to the cameras mount, from the scale ring.(e.g. “add 0.01 and a half mm”)

The adjustment of the flange focal depth itself involves putting or removing a combination of shims under the camera mount. Thanks to the exact instructions, painful trial and error procedures are now history.

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190.0126 FDC PV – Flange Depth Controller for Panavision Mount € 5290.00

technical data 

Details - Precise flange measurement to use with all digital video cameras fitted with Ø 54 mm PL mount, such as RED One, Sony F35, ARRI D-20/21, Phantom HD, 100 % precision- accuracy of 1 Micron
Power supply - DC 3V battery (Auto-off) for easy use on set or mains adapter AC/DC - In: 100-240V; 50-80 Hz; 300 mA - Out: 5V; 1,5 A
Operating time  - 1400 measurements (with one battery)
Weight - 620 g



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