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Canon EOS 1D Mark IV EVO


The Canon EVO collection is a forward-looking development on the DSLR camera market. With the three Canon EVO cameras, all 35mm lenses fitted with PL and PANAVISION mount, can be used. In order to realize this, large modifications of the stock canon-camera had to be done. The originally used sensor-block will be replaced by a new custom made sensor-block, so that the camera-body just contains the electronics.

The sensor-block, the PL54-Mount and the support bracket are building a statically determined unit. In order to avoid a wrong flange depth caused by temperature, the sensor-block is made of a special steel, a material with a super low coefficient of expansion, which is also used in space technology. The PL and PANAVISION mount and the sensor-block are positively tied with a support-bracket, which is made of heavy-duty aluminium (constructal), manufactured from solid material as used in aircraft construction. At the bottom of the support bracket there is one 3/8“ thread to mount the camera and 4 srews to take the load off the camera body. The shutter-unit remains in the camera. For that reason, still-photography in Manual Exposure Mode is still possible, by using Live View to focus.

In order to start the camera remote-controlled, a 3-pin Fischer plug has been built in, so that CMOTION, ARRI and other accessories can also be used. It is still possible to activate the Start/Stop – function by IR – remote control.

The Canon EVO collection is THE professional solution. The flange depth of 52,00 mm can also be controlled and adjusted, if necessary.

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quantity art.-nr. name price
190.0206 Canon 1D Mark IV Evo with PV mount (incl. Cam.) incl.1 pair Support Bars Æ 15 mm/150 mm without case € 7950.00
190.0194 Canon 1D Mark IV Evo with PL mount (incl. Cam.) incl.1 pair Support Bars Æ 15 mm/150 mm without case € 7490.00
190.0195 Canon 1D Mark IV Evo PL mount Conversion Kit* without case € 4180.00
190.0196 PeliCase for modified Canon 1D Mark IV € 480.00

technical data 

CMOS-Sensor - 27,9 mm x 18,6 mm
Pixel - 16,1 Megapixel
Processor - Dual (Digic 4)
ISO-Sensibility - 100 - 12.800
extendable: 102.400 (H4)
LCD-Monitor - 3,0 inch (7,6cm) TFT, 920.000 Pixel, non-reflecting
Movie type - MOV H.264
Movie size - 24,25 and 30 fps progressive (1920x1080)50 and 60 fps progressive (1080x720)
Movie length - 29min 59sec

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