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Follow Focus Mini EVO

incl. 1x driving gear of choice

Munich premium manufacturer DENZ releases the Follow Focus Mini EVO to complete its Follow Focus lineup.

The new DENZ Follow Focus Mini EVO, unlike the non-EVO version, features a new drive and has gone through a massive overhaul in terms of weight (20% weight reduction).

The damping mechanism has gone through a redesign as well, enabling the user to precisely adjust the amount of friction. In combination with the eccentric mechanism that leads to a backlash-free gearing, these new traits enhance the ability of the new Follow Focus Mini EVO to pull the focus smoothly and steadily. Overshooting the desired focus has become a thing of the past. If necessary, one can invert the direction of rotation easily by a single screw, so that individual preferences can be maintained.

Target positions of the focus can be defined by setting hard stops.

The driving gear (sold separately) used with the DENZ Follow Focus Mini EVO can be chosen individually to match almost any lens.

€ 1050.00
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quantity art.-nr. name price
301.0677 Follow Focus Mini EVO € 1050.00
220.0007 Focus Lever € 48.50
220.0009 Flexible Shaft – 300mm € 85.00
221.0008 Driver Gear with Clutch m=0,5mm Ø40,0mm Z=89 € 98.50
221.0007 Driver Gear with Clutch m=0,6mm Ø39,6mm Z=66 € 98.50
221.0004 Driver Gear with Clutch m=0,8mm Ø29,6mm Z=35 € 98.50
221.0014 Driver Gear with Clutch m=0,8mm Ø29,6mm Z=37 € 98.50
221.0005 Driver Gear with Clutch m=0,8mm Ø36,0mm Z=45 € 98.50
221.0006 Driver Gear with Clutch m=0,8mm Ø46,4mm Z=58 € 98.50
221.0013 Marking disk bevelled Ø 58 x 14, 45° € 12.40

product characteristics 

  • Contents:
    • handwheel
    • marking disc (rewritable)
    • a gear of choice

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