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CFK Rods Deluxe – Ø19mm

Deluxe Carbon fibre Support Rods:

Carbon has a longitudinal strength up to 9 times higher than ordinary steel. The special fibre it has great material strength with ultra light weight. The endcaps are manufactured with threading.

The carbon rods are available in diameter Ø19 mm  and different lengths.

Choose your personal colour mark (e.g.: red, blue, green, gold) on the end cap to avoid confusion on set.

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quantity art.-nr. name price
303.0006 CFK Rod – Ø19mm de luxe L=240mm € 65.00
303.0010 CFK Rod – Ø19mm de luxe L=340mm € 75.00
303.0007 CFK Rod – Ø19mm de luxe L=440mm € 80.00
303.0008 CFK Rod – Ø19mm de luxe L=600mm € 110.00
303.0035 CFK Rod – Ø19mm de luxe L=700mm € 120.00

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