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Canon EOS C300/C500 Power Hub "Zeus"

incl. 1 pair of aluminium rods Ø15mm (240mm, f/f)

Accessory: XLR 4 pin cable / open end – for powerhub Zeus

The Power Hub “Zeus” can be used instead of the C300 and C500 Support Plate and has the same mechanical features:

  • made out of Konstruktal Aluminium for ultra light weight, perfect durability and high strength
  • Ø15mm rod system for adding any accessories e.g. the DENZ Shoulder Pad, DENZ Follow Focus mini or the DENZ Universal Handle System
  • hirth serration (ARRI compatible) for direct handling
  • the bottom is prepared to be used with DENZ BP multi, DENZ wedge plate, ARRI BP3, BP5, BP8, BP9 , or the 60mm Sachtler plates
  • the camera is fastened by a centring  pin, an index pin and a 3/8” screw.

It  is the solution for your cable tangle problems and takes care of distributing the electrical power of your third party power source. By connecting one power source, you have taken care of regulated power for the camera (8,4V), regulated power for 12V-peripherals and unregulated power for peripherals that are meant to be connected directly to the external power-source. All this with the Input being fused and inverse polarity protected.

  • Highly efficient power conversion into 8,4V and 12V for the C300/C500-camera and peripherals that need exactly 12V. (Like some viewfinder, monitors, sound equipment or focus control) and additionally no wasted battery energy.
  • Using the Power Hub “Zeus” your Denz-Rig facilitates electrification of your equipment, without adding a new but by replacing a piece of equipment (the support itself).
  • Fused and inverse polarity protected power input using a sturdy 4-pole XLR-jack. Input voltages between 12V and 24V are accepted.
  • 3 outputs with lemo jacks and one output with XLR jack can be configured to deliver regulated 12V and/or direct throughput voltage
  • A set of connecting cables with open ends can be ordered separately
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quantity art.-nr. name unit price
301.0461 Canon EOS C300/C500 Power Hub "Zeus" € 1285.00
301.0462 3 Connecting cables for Power Hub “Zeus” € 96.00
301.0487 XLR 4 pin cable/open end for Power Hub "Zeus" € 25.00

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