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Canon EOS C300 Support and Superstructure-Set (Canon EOS C300)

incl. 1x handle, 1 pair of aluminium rods Ø15mm (240mm, f/f) with 2x red rod end caps made of POM, 2x Ø15mm al. rods (130mm and 90mm) with permanent 1/4'' threaded connection, 2x rod clamp, 1x op. Superstructure available in black & bronze.

The Modular System for the Canon EOS C300 consists of separately available parts that can be assembled  tocreate  a support structure for your Canon C300 that adapts for any use.

The starting-point for the system is the Support for the Canon C300 or the power hub “Zeus”. Both camera supports offer hirth rosettes on its sides, holds two 15mm rods firmly at the distance from the optical axis. The bottom is equipped with threading which allow to mount the C300 on most bridge plates and quick-mount systems. Last but not least, the supports are prepared to attach firmly to the superstructure.

There is a superstructure available for the Canon C300 and and also a seperate superstructure for the Canon C500. The shape of the superstructure adapts accuratly to the Canon EOS C300 or C500 camera housing. In case of the C500 superstructure a cut-out provides space for the breakout box of the camera.

The superstructure then becomes the center of the rigging. It offers countless possibilities of attaching accessories with 1/4” and 3/8” screws. By providing rod clamps which are attached if needed, no space is wasted and equipment can be placed closest to the lens and camera.

By using the rear part you can extend the system to a cage giving your camera the perfect exoskeleton even for the roughest of tasks.
Additionally, several accessories are available, e.g. the Universal Monitor adapter, which enables triaxial movements, the Slide Part with many mounting options (two hot shoes and a lot of 1/4″, 3/8″, M5 threading) and the Cold Shoe Cube with two 90° different hot shoes, which is available with 1/4″ and/or 3/8″ threading.

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quantity art.-nr. name unit price
301.0398 Canon EOS C300 Support and Superstructure-Set (Canon EOS C300) € 1190.00
301.0392 Canon EOS C300/C500: Slide Part for Superstructure € 153.75

product characteristics 

  • components:
    • support for Canon EOS C300/C500
    • superstructure for Canon EOS C300
      • 1x superstructure-frame
      • 2x rod clamp
      • 1x handle

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