Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ

Support bridge (60mm f/m) with Hirth-Rosettes

e.g. for bridging the brakeoutbox of the Canon C500

connecting accessories to Canon EOS C500 at bridging the break out box.

The DENZ Spacer Bridge with a length of 60mm is required to enable an easy mounting of accessories, e.g. the DENZ Universal Handle System, to the DENZ camera support. On the right side of the Canon EOS C500 it bridges the break out box. With the power hub “Zeus”, or with other manufactures  equipment, the spacer bridge can be used to connect two components with Hirth serration with a distance of 60mm.

Equipped with a Hirth serration on both sides, plus a M6 threaded bolt on one end and another on the other end, the Spacer Bridge (60mm) can be connected to other accessories by using  a no.4 Allen key.

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301.0524 Support bridge (60mm f/m) with Hirth-Rosettes € 128.00

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