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BP-multi special

The DENZ BP-multi special is an improved version of the still available DENZ BP-multi.

It has additional holes to mate with newly available accessories (DENZ DCB 90°) and there are no downsides when using it as an replacement for the DENZ BP-multi.

It is anodized black and made of materials that are commonly used in the aviation and space industry.

Out of the Box the DENZ BP-multi special supports different cameras. For that purpose several screws are neatly stored away in the housing of the DENZ BP-multi special.

Other cameras are fitted onto the DENZ BP-multi special by adapting plates (e.g. ARRI-Alexa, RED-Epic, SONY-F3, see price list below), leveling out differences in height and footprint.

The DENZ BP-multi special is designed for Ø19 mm rods and the dovetail fits on the widely available lens support plates.

At the front and back there are two 1/4″ holes at a distance of 60mm. You can also use Ø15mm rods. You get the center offset of 16mm (like BP8) if you unscrew the mounting plate.

€ 595.00
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quantity art.-nr. name price
301.0644 DENZ Universal-Bridge-Plate (BP-multi special) € 595.00
301.0377 DENZ Universal Bridge-Plate (BP-multi) € 575.00
301.0622 DENZ BP12 adaptor (ALEXA, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Plus 4:3, ALEXA M) € 148.00
301.0379 ARRI Alexa Adapter Plate € 135.00
301.0376 RED Epic/Scarlett/Dragon adapter plate € 122.00
301.0378 Sony-F3 adapter plate € 119.00

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