Präzisions-Entwicklung DENZ

Rodsystem-Adapter for Ø15mm- and Ø19mm-Rohre

These adapters bridge the gap between the Ø15mm- und Ø19mm-rodsystems.

The DENZ adapter (Art.Nr. 301.0380) is used in case a Ø19mm-rodsystem has been chosen to build up a rig and at the same time you want to use an accessory (e.g. mattebox) that has been build for Ø15mm-rodsystems. The accessory can the be mounted to the little Ø15mm extensions.

The DENZ Tandem-Bracket (Art.Nr. 301.0381) connects Ø15mm- und Ø19mm-rods while ensuring the proper distance to the optical axis.

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quantity art.-nr. name price
301.0380 Adaptation to attach for Ø15mm and Ø19mm rods € 135.00
301.0381 Tandem Bracket for Ø15mm to Ø19mm Bars € 140.00

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