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An Overview of our Services

Präzisions-Entwicklung Denz Fertigungs-GmbH

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Here an overview of our services:

Our  state of the art, high-precision CNC milling machines  offer the most modern processing techniques such as:

  • Processing almost any material according to the customer´s wishes such as High-strength aluminum, titanium, heat treated and nitrided steels, stainless steel, nonferrous metal, POM, PEEK, PTFE, Torlon, etc.
  • The post processing of molded aluminium parts. 
  • On request, we can create test and measurement protocols including parts descrition done with laser marking

Furthermore, we offfer a CNC machining for  ultrasound hard machining and HSC milling.

Our range of modern machinery with spindle speeds up to 18.000/42.000 U / min as well as our 40 years of experience in the MILLING field, make the production of individual parts, small series and prototypes, economic and with short delivery,  attractive for our customers. In addition, the expert advice from our specialized personnel is always available.

To guarantee our discerning clients with the highest level of precision and reliability in the products that we manufacture,  is the ultimate goal and motivation of all our employees.

Since 2009, the company is certified according to the ISO 9001-2008 Standard, guaranteeing that all quality assurance measures in daily operations are clearly coordinated and enhanced by internal and external training.  Quality control is guaranteed and documented by  permanent process and operational monitoring.

The production areas for milling or turning have their own measuring equipment. The generation and realization of  customer requested measurement protocols of our products take place in a fully air-conditioned measuring room with CNC 3D measuring machines.

For the precise measurement of radii and contours, a Konturograph is used, to determine surface roughness, a roughness gauge and digital height gauges are used.


Our manfacturing range allows the manufacture and production of complete assemblies to your specifications. A network of qualified and certified suppliers makes surface finishing and hardening processes possible. Further required components and accessories are provided for.

Services Overview

With the latest technology, the following services are offered:

  • CNC Turning Ø 3-300 mm
  • CNC 4- and 5- axis milling
  • gear cutting
  • Sawing up to Ø 200 mm
  • Laser inscripition

We process almost every material, including:

  • ferrous metal
  • aluminium
  • Aluminium Fein- und Druckguss
  • titanium
  • brass
  • steel (high tensile steel, stainless steel ,premium steel)
  • plastics (POM PEEK PTFE Torlon)

To achieve the desired finish, we offer the following surface treatments:

  • glass bead blasting
  • ultrasonic Cleaning

When grinding, Geometrically undefined cutting edges are treated . We offer:

  • cylindrical grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • vibratory grinding

To put single items together, we manage:

  • assemblies
  • appliances
  • devices
  • final inspection
  • documentation

Furthermore, we work with qualified, certified, reliable and long-standing suppliers, so that we can perform the following additional benefits for you:

In the field of mechanical processing:

  • threading
  • thread rolling
  • EDM (EDM and wire EDM)
  • laser Cutting
  • Water jet cutting

Furthermore, the following surface treatments may be conducted:

  • pickling
  • Black stains / browning
  • Anodizing (hard anodizing)
  • Chrome plating (Black Chrome)
  • Chemical nickel
  • galvanizing
  • painting
  • powder coating

Furthermore,  characteristics can be changed using the following heat treatments:

  • glow
  • hardening
  • vacuum hardening
  • induction hardening
  • nitriding
  • plasma nitriding
  • heat-treat

Likewise, further grinding process can be performed externally:

  • hand Sanding
  • honing
  • lapping
  • polishing / E-polish